COACHARTE turns 10 years old! Learn the reasons behind its success

Reason for pride

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that opening and maintaining a business is not an easy task and that there are many factors that influence whether your business prospers or not. According to a article from The Economist As of June 2023, four out of ten MSMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) do not reach eleven years of life. For this reason, the recent celebration of COACHARTE's 10 years of life was a source of great joy for both its founder, CP Luis Pascual Jiménez, and all the company's collaborators,

The event

To celebrate the company's 10th Anniversary, an event was held where co-working was combined with fun in a pleasant space in Colonia Roma.

In the morning, both the administrative staff and the project managers, the IT, process and coaching specialists and other collaborators attended to their work remotely and in the afternoon they participated in a toast enlivened by entertainers in an activity they called “100 Coacharteanos”. They said” in which there were not only question sessions, but also physical activity challenges.

There was also the emotional part, in which the director and founder of the company spoke about the beginnings of COACHARTE and its subsequent evolution to go from a micro-company with only two employees to its current size of fifty-five employees. During his speech, he emphasized that this growth is mainly due to the service attitude of each of the company's members.

The team

Taking advantage of the occasion, we undertook the task of interviewing the staff about their perception of both COACHARTE and their work and this is what some of them told us:

“For me, working at Coacharte means dedication since dedication is made up of a high sense of support, loyalty and this is what each person contributes with their work to make the company an ally for our clients. It is also working with people who are willing to support you, teach you, guide you and improve you,” Carmen, PM.

“I have been in the company for 4 months and I really like this work environment because they not only care about the employees but also about our families. At Coacharte they have a great coexistence and are open to listening to proposals both to improve the company and to promote the personal, professional and professional growth of employees. “Together we will grow,” Edgar, Linux consultant.

Coacharte Team

“In our organization, we are proud to say that we have affiliative leadership. This leadership style focuses on creating a harmonious work environment, where each team member feels valued and an integral part of the organization. Our leaders strive to establish strong relationships with each team member, fostering a sense of belonging and commitment. “We believe this affiliative approach allows us to work together more effectively, overcome challenges and achieve our common goals,” Manuel, Agile coach and leadership expert.

“In my 9 years of experience at Coacharte, I have seen its evolution and strengthening as a consulting company, always with a human sense both in dealing with its clients and collaborators. In this place they make you feel like family. "One of the most formative, noble and educational projects in which I have participated was with Hachette Livre México, publishers of the Larousse reference books, there I met another process specialist with whom I have had a friendship for more than 6 years," Zair, process engineering manager.

Coacharte Team

“I recently joined Coacharte to participate in a process project for an important client. During this time my experience has been pleasant. I like being in the home office and also the challenge that comes with learning to use technological tools and delving into topics I didn't know about. “I also liked the Christmas activity in which we gave jackets to low-income children,” Gabriel, Industrial Engineer in the position of JR Manager.

The job

Over the course of a decade, COACHARTE has had the opportunity to participate in a large number of projects, but we wanted to put emphasis on ten cases that have represented important challenges and satisfactions. These were what Luis Pascual mentioned:

  1. We apply our Change Management methodology to the implementation of SAP in a multinational financial services company.
  2. They were also supported in the implementation of their Project Office.
  3. Por otro lado, ayudamos a implementar Oracle apoyados en Administración del Cambio para Avon. Fue un gran caso de éxito, ya que se realizó cumpliendo con los tiempos estimados originalmente.
  4. We carried out a mapping of processes for the senior management of a transnational publishing company and it was possible to change the way of working in “silos” to consider “end-to-end” processes.
  5. Impactamos a 18,000 personas en otro proyecto de implementación de SAP en una compañía internacional que fabrica recubrimientos (PPG).
  6. We impacted 25,000 employees of a telecommunications services company by implementing SAP's Success Factors tool.
  7. We facilitate the change of administration of a public organization by documenting its operating manual and diagramming its processes.
  8. Asignamos recursos para el monitoreo de diversas marcas de Grupo Axo.
  9. We assign resources in the operations area of a vehicle leasing company to support data analysis.
  10. Asignamos recursos para el monitoreo del proceso de entrega del pedido para Wheels, cliente extranjero que se dedica a la renta de vehículos.

It is worth mentioning that, although this list mainly includes large clients, COACHARTE has also supported SMEs to institutionalize and grow.

Reasons behind its success

Finally, we wanted to ask the CEO of COACHARTE for a list of ten reasons why he believes the company has been on the rise. These are their answers.

  1. Personalized attention at all levels.
  2. Active listening.
  3. Empathy.
  4. Flexibility in budgets, always seeking to provide the best combination of resources.
  5. Constantly go the “extra mile”.
  6. Service attitude.
  7. Prioritize the customer.
  8. Having people as our main value, both clients, suppliers and collaborators.
  9. Our great team of professionals.
  10. Our alliances with renowned consulting companies.
Our director, Luis Pascual Jiménez and his right arm, Andrea Arteaga.

We hope that this brief article has given you a closer look at Coacharte: its team, its way of working, living together and celebrating, as well as the type of projects in which it participates. If you require support in Change Management, Process Projects, Financial or Ontological Coaching or need temporary resources, do not hesitate to contact us. We will serve you with enthusiasm and professionalism. Learn more in our website.

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