The importance of a PM in projects


The importance of a PM (Project manager) in projects; It is commonly believed that Project Management is used in large and transnational companies; but this is not necessarily true, no matter how young a startup is. Project Management brings with it certain benefits that cannot be ignored; It is a powerful business tool that can offer great benefits to companies of all sizes.

A PM (Project Manager) or project manager

A PM (Project Manager) or project manager in Spanish, is the person in charge of organizing, planning and controlling the available resources in order to achieve the proposed objectives to achieve success within a period of time, investment and quality.

The Project Manager is responsible for directing the projects and leading the team responsible for achieving the proposed objectives. So it brings several benefits:

  • Helps determine feasibility of a project through knowledge of similar projects, or the requirements and restrictions that surround a project, allowing it to determine its success or not.
  • Reduces response time to problems by having the ability to identify potential risks and have greater control of them; It provides a lot of stability, tranquility and, above all, the ability to act to reduce its effects or avoid them.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering a project on time and on budget; It allows for a better business relationship and is much more likely to become recurring in projects.

However, having a PM is crucial for the development of a company, but they also present some obstacles of not having one within the projects, such as:

  • Increased workload by not having project monitoring tools, as well as verification of compliance in the established cost time for each project.
  • Poor risk management due to lack of control and general understanding of the project. Risks that affect compliance cannot be mitigated or lifted in time.
  • Lack of organization within the project Due to the management of information that is shared between those involved, it is important to manage the centralization of this for greater effectiveness, without a PM this would be a great challenge.

The importance of a PM in projects is of great value due to the management, organization and assigned resources, allowing efficient development to meet objectives.

As the world and organizations evolve, digital platforms and the role of PMs change, so project management professionals must adapt their behavior and practices to this trend, for the benefit of their companies and their results.

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