What are the fines for non-compliance with NOM-035?


At the end of 2019, the Official Mexican Standard: NOM-035 came into force. Its objective is to identify, analyze and prevent psychosocial risk factors. But what are the fines for non-compliance with NOM-035?

Fine amounts.

Failure to comply will generate fines ranging from 22 thousand pesos up to 434 thousand pesos for each violation or affected worker, according to the conditions and characteristics of each case.

The above, based on Article 994, section V, of the Federal labor law, which establishes penalties of 250 to 5000 Units of Measurement and Update (UMA).

To the employer who does not observe the safety and hygiene standards in the installation of his establishments or the measures established by the Laws to prevent work risks.

Inspection visits.

To audit compliance with NOM-035, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, through the Hygiene and Safety Commission, will carry out inspection visits to work centers starting this year.

Companies that fail to comply will have one calendar year to carry out the actions that guarantee compliance, otherwise they will be subject to a fine.


For this reason, it is recommended that companies have advice and support.

It is recommended that it be provided by specialist consultants to ensure the implementation of the new obligations and action plans for their correct incorporation.

So if you want to avoid fines for non-compliance with NOM-035 and/or want to know how the entire process of the evaluation, visit our blog post.

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