Why are the goals not being met in your organization?

Think about this situation: formulated goals and set objectives, they were made known to all team members, resources were allocated and all plans were put into action. But when the time comes to evaluate the results, they are not satisfactory and at other evaluation moments they continue to be very far from the goals.

Does it look familiar to you? What do you do in such cases? How to understand and analyze what separates our organization from the goals we have set?

A mystery movie

Importance of goals in an organization

Imagine that the goals and objectives of your organization take the form of the main character of an exciting movie whose plot is as follows:

The brilliant detective Goal, further challenging than ever, but always using his magnifying glass clarity, has put out of action the dangerous Abstract Shadow, who was hiding in the dark alley of the Vague Intentions. Unfortunately, a cunning new villain who calls herself Resistance to change has appeared and is wreaking havoc on Team City. Can our heroine, accompanied by her faithful companion Full Resource, solve this business mystery and take Team City to its best version?

In the exciting entrepreneurial journey, where every step counts, it is very common, and to some extent reasonable, to encounter challenges that threaten to divert our efforts in pursuit of our ambitions. Why, despite meticulous planning, are some goals simply not achieved?

The enigma of unfulfilled goals

Man reflecting on unmet goals

As the plot of our imaginary movie illustrates, the difficulty in achieving the expected achievements may lie in one or more moments and parts of the plan and its execution. It could be a problem of goal formulation, material limitations or a matter of attitude and spirit, or several concurrent factors, but experience dictates that almost all obstacles fall into the following aspects:

  1. Lack of concreteness. Many times, goals are vague and abstract, like shadows in fog. The lack of clarity makes it difficult to achieve. It's like trying to reach buried treasure without a detailed map.
  2. Disconnection with reality. Setting goals that do not align with market reality or internal capabilities is like building castles in the air. Disconnection can be the biggest obstacle.
  3. Resistance to change. Organizations are living organisms, and some objectives can clash with resistance to change. Here, the organizational culture plays a crucial role.
  4. Lack of sources. Assigning goals without providing the necessary resources is like expecting a car to run without fuel. The lack of resources is a constant brake.

The role of Coacharte

Work team discussing the goals of the year

In our figurative detective film, Coacharte emerges as the team of expert advisors who help the researcher unravel the enigmas and illuminate the dark alleys to discover the secrets behind the unfulfilled goals. Additionally, they provide you with the tools ideal for overcoming existing obstacles.


Woman celebrating her company's achievements

As we face the mysteries of unmet goals, let us remember that every setback is an opportunity to learn and improve. At Coacharte, we transform challenges into victories and seemingly impossible goals into tangible realities.

Ready to crack the code of success together? Contact us and let's bring your business goals to life.

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