The importance of high-performance teams


The importance of high-performance teams: When talking about projects, one of the key and most important elements is the work team; They are generally multidisciplinary teams that are made up of people from the different areas of the organization that will be impacted by the change, they are functional and/or technical experts who have not necessarily worked together, sometimes they have not had interaction or probably do not even know each other. ; That is why at Change Management we are in charge of accompanying the projects in the team development process and focusing the effort towards achieving the objectives, always keeping in mind what we want to achieve, how, for what and when.

What is the High Performance team?

Before starting, I would like to present some definitions of what a high-performance team is.

It is a group of collaborators of the organization who have common objectives; They have an action plan to carry them out, achieve them and obtain the expected result in the agreed time and with the required quality.

It is a small group of people who play a key role in the development of a project, they stand out for being teams with outstanding capabilities; committed to a common purpose and focused on meeting the objectives to achieve the expected success (Reference: The Wisdom of Teams: Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith).

They are people who work in a coordinated and harmonious manner, with outstanding performance and focused on achieving objectives; Additionally, they develop their skills to the maximum during the life of the project.

Approach for a high-performance team

As I have commented in previous articles, we as those responsible for Change Management accompany the different implementations where people will have an impact on the way of operating (processes) and the use of tools (technology), this is 100% focused on the business, But what about the team responsible for materializing these changes? Who and how do they work with them? It is well known that the work environment plays a key role in the performance of a team, therefore, it is important to consider, among other things, the facilities, space and tools.

of work, in order to create the necessary conditions so that the equipment can operate. These and more are some of the considerations we take into account when developing the high-performance team strategy or approach.

Managing a high-performing team must be effective and efficient; We must define specific objectives and create a plan that allows us to monitor their performance, as well as create a recognition program that motivates them to continue working optimally during the life of the project.

Although, most of the time assignments to projects are from 100%, collaborators lose, so to speak, the benefits of continuing in their areas, such as development programs, experience in operation, strengthening their relationships. of work and applications for new opportunities, therefore, we must create a complementary program that is attractive and generates a professional challenge, this in addition to your participation in the project.

Suggested aspects for developing the approach on the importance of high-performance teams are:
  • Identify competencies for the high-performing team
  • Define a program of recognition, rewards and consequences
  • Segment team profiles; general, key and critical profile
  • Establish evaluation indicators
  • Define evaluation periods
  • Define complementary actions

However, as I mentioned before, there is no 1, 2, 3 or one guide for all projects or all organizations, there are several aspects that must be considered to generate a program, the most important thing is to be clear about the implementation time, the scope and what is expected of the team, so that based on that information, the appropriate strategy can be proposed. We have to remember that any problem within the team not only affects performance, but directly affects the results of the project, therefore, it is necessary to monitor and accompany it throughout the implementation period.


Working with people is not always an easy task, but bringing them to their maximum performance is not only a challenge, but one of the greatest satisfactions when seeing a before and after. Let's work on developing our collaborators, let's take the risk of forming high-performance teams, that will undoubtedly bring great benefits to the organization.

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